provides traction and research for startups by incentivizing targeted patrons with free coffee to gain valuable data.


The biggest problem for startups is understanding their customers deeply enough to build traction, to make sales. Inexpensive traction and customer analysis are the greatest needs of their businesses, but it’s difficult to accomplish without significant time, luck, or investment.

Startups and small businesses need targeted customer research at a significantly lower cost than what’s available. At the same time, customer research companies are unable to cheaply target quality respondents for surveys.

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Our customers

Our customers are startups that are just starting to sell their products and need a way to reach the right people. These companies need to build traction (make sales) and they need to know how their potential customers think when they’re deciding whether to make a purchase.

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coffee is the answer solves this problem at our pop-up locations and shops where patrons answer polls, watch ads, and get free drinks in return.

Every time a coffee drinker comes into our store they use our simple app to answer 10 questions or watch ad along with a brief survey. These targeted responses with demographic data will help the startup understand how their customers think, and at the same time they can make sales directly through our app.