Currently based in London, UK is able to target based on location as well as demographics, something not offered by other customer research companies at a low price point.

Our competitors pay customers directly to participate in surveys… we give them coffee, which allows us to have a much lower price point.

Our customers are real people — they aren’t folks who sit at home all day answering surveys for money. Let us solve your customer research problems today with real data.


Our Mission

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Help small businesses get valuable data on their target customers.

Provide delicious free coffee for the world.

Our long-term plan is to have strategic coffee trucks in major cities and fixed shops worldwide to expand our target market.

Small companies are often ignored by marketing firms who don’t have reasonable prices when you’re running small campaigns.
— Small business owner

Our goals

We want to help startup companies with limited budgets.

Our FreeCaffe business model is designed to appeal to the millennial desire for trendy, instaworthy experiences, and of course... delicious, FREE coffee.

The team at FreeCaffe has worked tirelessly to create an innovative way to solve one of the biggest issues new companies face — inexpensive market research targeted to specific customers.