We've passed through Round 2 and will be pitching at the Regional Finals!


Passed round 2!

Barclays Local Genius Competition

We’re very excited to announce that FreeCaffe has passed through Round 2 at the Barclays Local Genius challenge. March 14th 2019 was a great day at the Barclays HQ in Canary Wharf, and we will save you the suspense… FreeCaffe got through this round and will be pitching our idea in front of 5 local entrepreneur “dragons” who will choose 1 company from our region to pitch at the UK nationals April 10th!

Here is a group pic of all the Local Genius teams from the London region! Out of all the applicants from all of London, only these 12 teams got through. And sadly only 5 of these groups will be accepted to pitch at the Regionals in 2 weeks.


And we are one of the teams that got through. Check out our acceptance letter here!


We had a full day yesterday at Barclays HQ, but they were nice enough to give us some great swag and as much coffee as we could drink


Overall it was a great day, with 4 hours of pitch training and a tour of Barclays HQ. Thanks so much to the Barclays team and we look forward to pitching to the dragons in 2 weeks, see you all back in Canary Wharf March 28th.


-Andrew from FreeCaffe