Amazon charges 15% for items sold on their platform, but they don’t provide customer research or reasons customer don’t buy.

Google and Facebook ads are inexpensive but don’t offer any type of feedback except whether someone buys— they are not designed for a company who is still trying to understand who their customers are.

Our Mission

Help small businesses get valuable data on their target customers while making sales.

Provide delicious free coffee for the world.


Here are some examples of the integrated furniture and buildings we will use as inspiration for our coffeeshop hubs.

customers 20.JPG

39% of startups we polled stated that gaining customers/traction was the single most urgent need for their business.

55% of startups stated that customer research was their most urgent need (including targeted interviews, user testing, and customer research on their product, tech or branding).

customers 21.JPG

Shop design Concepts by Manon Cornu for FreeCaffe

Small companies are often ignored by marketing firms who don’t have reasonable prices when you’re running small campaigns.
— Small business owner
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Our business

Just like a Freemium app, or a company like Facebook, our company has users and customers.

Our customers are startup companies with limited budges who are trying to build traction and better understand their customers in order to make more sales.

Our users are coffee drinkers— they’re young, they have smartphones, and they would love to £2000 a year.