Our shop is designed with a comfortable atmosphere like a small amphitheater, leading users to want to explore products and companies deeper inside.

Our Mission

Help small businesses recruit great candidates and make more product sales while providing delicious free coffee.


Here are some examples of the integrated furniture and buildings we will use as inspiration for our coffeeshop hubs.


Throughout the shop will be rising stairs and cushions, like a Roman amphitheater, inviting customers to move deeper into the shop and to relax/sit in almost any location. A surface can turn into a desk or a chair, or for networking or speeches at night they can become stadium seating.

customers 20.JPG

39% of startups we polled stated that gaining customers/traction was the single most urgent need for their business.

55% of startups stated that customer research was their most urgent need (including targeted interviews, user testing, and customer research on their product, tech or branding).

Startups are willing to pay the most for help recruiting high quality candidates, so we decided this would be out primary model.

customers 21.JPG
2 layout.jpg

Items can be found on pop-up tables for sale, or users can just work at a table while enjoying their Free Caffe!

Our shop has no lines. Users order their coffee on our app, and baristas deliver at pick-up points throughout the store.

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During the evening, the seating and center area of the coffeeshop turns into a stage for speakers, companies, or advertising partners.

The bubble concept stores can be seen in the background, where companies can recruit candidates or show their products to targeted customers.

This “bubble” concept store is an important component to the design, giving companies a location to sell their products, create displays, or recruit candidates.
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Our business

Just like a Freemium app, or a company like Facebook, our company has users and customers.

Our customers are startup companies who are trying to build traction and recruit candidates quickly.

Our users are coffee drinkers— they’re young, they have smartphones, and they would love to £2000 a year.